I’m not a real farmer…

I am a true Vermonter; I grew up believing that a ‘true farmer’ was someone who fully and solely operated a farm as a business. When you have a ‘mini-farm’ it is called a ‘hobby’ or ‘gentlemans’ farm.


I am debunking this belief and standard.  


I mean come on… things are different in the 21st Century and it has become more and more common for us to have ‘multiple ways of income’ and whether that is working for someone or having several businesses on the side. Many of our lives are morphing into more than just one ordinary desk job.  


Is it because we want to somehow work our passions and dreams into our lives? Because the reality is that sometimes these passions don’t make us money or enough...at least to start with.


All I know is that I realized just recently that I am a Farmer!


I want to stop minimizing what I and my family have built for over 10 years. Slowly, painfully, gratefully building a farm. It may not be my full-time position or business but if I’m not running another business then I’m out in the field fixing the fence, moving the cows to a new pasture, fixing something with the barn, making farm errands, the list is always there. It’s been integrated into my life.  


So why am I not considered a farmer?


I mean the reality is that generally a farmer has a tight profit margin and/or makes no real profit at all. Well that’s me! I farm and make no profit from it…therefore why am I not a farmer?


Bottom line is I know plenty of part-time farmers and I’m not so sure they consider themselves farmers as well and they should. I have many friends that produce these amazing vegetation gardens, they don’t sell it but always advertise the surplus of cucumbers or squash they have and share amongst their friends and family.  


Are you a part-time farmer?

Do you have a mini farm and thought to yourself…’well I’m not a real farmer’? Because I assure you that you are and you should be proud at any capacity to say that you farm. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your full-time or part-time passion. You have a skill, you have a love, and yes you are a farmer!


Let me know what you think. I want to hear from others like me!