I use to Love to Cook, then I had Kids

I loved baking and cooking as I grew up, my mom included me many times in the kitchen but it was also just a love of food. I wasn’t the best cook in my younger years, but I had fun.  


When I first became a mom and had to start cooking differently for a toddler, it was frustrating. Like most kids they seem to start out as ‘picky eaters’ and of course my husband and I love to do ‘tough love’ so when my son turned 5 (I swear that’s the year of stubborn taste buds) my husband would sit at the table until my son ‘tried his first bite’. This tactic eventually worked for my first born and thankfully my husband took on this role because as the cook and dish cleaner...I didn’t want that role.


Then came child #2...that last tactic didn’t work on this kid. He is a Tuaraus...very bull headed he wasn’t gonna eat or try it if you paid him $1,000 dollars. Well I guess he knew what he wanted!


I truly can’t tell you when or where it happened but when the kids started school life gets crazy and goes so fast. The thought of consciously planning a meal let alone a healthy meal is well...annoying. Maybe if I had a husband who was a strong cook (he helps when he can) it would be different, however it all lands on me.  


How do you cook for a 2 year old? How do you cook for a 12 year old? How do you cook for a picky eater? I mean it goes on and really parents there isn’t a magic answer just do your best!


I know the love of cooking will return again when my kids leave the house - ha! I love my boys dearly but come on mom’s you know they run the menu!